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Other Implosion Web Sites
In alphabetical order.  Some of these sites are commercial businesses, others are individual's sites. does not endorse any of these sites.  They are listed because, in our opinion, they are informative and interesting, and reflect positively on the explosive demolition business.  Check them out by clicking the link.

Advanced Explosives Demolition 
A nicely done commercial website that includes some good pictures of past jobs. This is a family run company run by Eric and Lisa Kelly that has been around for over 20 years.  Among past jobs shown on the website is the Conner's Creek Power Plant (a.k.a. "Seven Sisters"), pictures of which also appear on this site in the "Photos" section. 

Controlled Demolition Group, Ltd (United Kingdom)  Controlled Demolition Group, (CDG), based in England, has successfully performed more building implosions than any other firm over the past few years. (They are not affiliated with Controlled Demolition Inc. in the U.S.) This team doesn't visit the States very often, but their well-maintained website is certainly worth checking out.  According to their site, in the past five years, the company has demolished a record 80 high-rise structures throughout the world.

Controlled Demolition Inc.   A commercial website of a global leader in controlled demolition and implosion of structures. The comprehensive site contains company background, services, press releases, world records, photos, etc.  A commercial website run by Herb Duane, an industry veteran. This site is primarily for demolition contractors with demolition industry news and information. Access to the full site costs $$, but you can access parts of the site, including a photos section, for free.

Demtech  Demtech is another commercial site. Demtech specializes in the precise demolition of structures through the use of explosive technology. The web site contains photos of jobs.  Demtech appears to specialize in bridge demolition.

Dykon Drilling and Blasting Specialists  A very comprehensive, entertaining, and colorful commercial site of a leading company in the demolition business. Site includes services, company background, history, employee profiles, past projects with lots of photos, video clips, free screensavers, industry links, and FAQs.  Dave, their webmaster, is continually updating and upgrading the site.  Not only is he a good blaster, and a friend, but he is also one good web creator! Be sure to check this one out.

Engineered Demolition, Inc.  A well done commercial site with company services, history, records, photos, a "Kids" page, FAQs, and  coming soon- promotional items.

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit  A very interesting, artistic site with awesome photography of various buildings in Detroit, MI that are in various stages of decay. There are photos of the Hudson's Implosion that are second to none.

Great Lakes Aerial Photos  A Detroit, MI area company that provides aerial photography services. Included in the site is a segment on selected Detroit-area implosions. Be sure to check out the non-implosion pictures as well. A popular website explaining how things work, from dishwashers to toilets. For a description of how implosions "work", search for "implosions" in the search field.

Implosion Screen Savers by This site contains several downloadable free screensavers and  others that may be purchased for a small fee.  A non-profit "industry" site, is the worldwide source for news and information on explosive demolition. The site features video and photos of hundreds of blasts, and profiles the work of over 20 major blasting firms around the globe. There is also an  " Store" from which you can purchase videos, tee-shirts, etc.  Be sure to check out "History" and "Recent Projects".  If you are into implosions, this is not to be missed! (See also, Protec Documentation Services, below)  (a.k.a. "Leaving Las Vegas).  This is a great site all about Las Vegas' colorful history.  The webmaster, Joel, seeks to capture and preserve the memories, character, and glory days of Las Vegas, through photos, video and text. There are many photos of Las Vegas demolitions, including many "pre-" and "post-" pics.  But the site goes well beyond pictures, and one must take the time to read about the various properties included in this website. 
One of the few non-commercial implosion websites in existence (to my knowledge). And  probably the best!  Site includes pictures of past implosions attended by site author, upcoming events, lots of great links, etc.   The site author has been extremely helpful to me with tips in helping me get my site "off the ground ".  Check it out! 

Protec Documentation Services  
Protec performs services on demolition projects around the world, such as vibration predictions, blast monitoring and adjacent structure inspections. The firm works on hundreds of projects each year, and is recognized as one of the leaders in their field. (See also,, above)

Sands (Las Vegas) Hotel Implosion
 Sands Hotel Implosion sequence. Similar to The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit , this site is another interesting, artistic site with awesome photography (In their Image Gallery) of various buildings in Detroit, MI, some in dis-repair, others that are not. While not an implosion site, it contains some very well done photos.

Yannuzzi Demolition & Recycling  A commercial General Contractor, demolition and recycling business website. This site is mostly non-implosion- type demolition.  But there are lots of pics of their recent demolition projects, a video sequence of the Memorial Homes implosion, an historical picture section, and a section of pics taken during the "Ground Zero" cleanup. The Ground Zero pics are sobering.  Something every American should look at so as never to forget the attack on the WTC.